Jumping In, Face First

Reporter: Shannon Samson

Wed Producer: Jason Bailey

Many people want to look younger, but they don't want the expense, pain and recovery time of a surgical facelift.
Now, there's an alternative that requires no anesthesia, no scalpel, and no downtime.
Infrared laser technology known as Titan does what only a knife could do in the past, and it costs up to $10,000 less.
Plastic surgeon, Doctor Ed Zingaro uses the technology.
Zingaro says, "I admit to having been a skeptic, but when I saw the results, it changed my mind pretty quickly."

Patients like Janine Taylor have found the procedure positive enough to consider again. Taylor is having her second treatment, and is looking forward to a third.

"This was the least invasive, and I was up and running in no time," Taylor.
The procedure tightens areas with an infrared light that heats water in the skin. It also stimulates collagen production, which makes skin look younger.
The knifeless facelift diminishes crow's feet and firms chins. But Dr. Zingaro says it's not for everyone.
"Bear in mind that it is not going to do what a facelift will do. It's really best for people that don't have an awful lot of loose skin," says Dr. Zingaro
Taylor says, "I'm not good with pain, and this is pain-free."
A traditional facelift would mean weeks of recovery, but Janine is able to pick up her makeup brush as soon as her treatment is over.
The procedure firms skin on other parts of the body, like the arms, as well.
Titan technology is too new to know how long it will last, but patients will likely need booster treatments every year or so.
Insurance does not cover the procedure, which costs about $4,000 for three treatments.
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