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Woman worries about family as they ride out Irma in Miami

(Marly Solano) (Marly Solano)

"I just want to be there for them, and even if I'm so far away from them just my heart right now is over there, so I've been super, super concerned," said Marly Nolan.

Some people have to decide to ignore the mandatory evacuations and ride out the storm in their Florida homes. Marly Solano's family is doing one of them.

"My mom is pretty scared about everything; she is just preparing my sister, my sister is just 14-years-old so she's freaked out," Solano told us. "She doesn't know what's going to happen. Yesterday there was a tornado like close to my house so they were really scared." 

Her family loaded up on food, supplies, and water to get them through the next few days.  

Solano explained the power at their home has gone out so she's had to be the eyes and ears for her family, even though they have to turn their phone off for periods of time to save battery.

"I've been watching the news because they can't, they don't know anything that's going on outside so I've been trying to call them every time I can and text them," said Solano.

NBC Miami reports many streets are underwater in downtown Miami and in other cities, but Solano has faith that God will pull her family through this.

"I've been praying every day, every time." she continued. "I just have faith that everything is going to be alright, my family is going to be okay." 

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