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Tri-State woman says leaving FL an 'absolute nightmare'


One woman and her family said they evacuated their Tampa home just in time.

Christi Hardin, who grew up in Henderson, moved to Florida with her sister seven years ago, but now she's back in the Tri-State to escape the wrath of Hurricane Irma.

Hardin told us the town she lives in is set to take a direct hit. She said leaving Florida was an absolute nightmare. She told us rest stops were closed for 300 miles, and police were monitoring the gas stations and only allowing drivers to fill up $25 worth at a time.

She said even though the journey out of Florida is over, the worrying has just begun.

Harden told us she's been in contact with her friends in Tampa that did not evacuate. She said one of them has already had the roof torn off their home.

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