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GA woman takes shelter in the Tri-State


Hurricane Irma is expected to cross the keys Saturday night and make landfall near Miami Sunday morning.

A state of emergency is in effect across Florida, and many evacuation orders have been made some now in Georgia and South Carolina.

One Georgia woman came to the Tri State on Thursday, but it's not the first time she's been forced out of her home.

For Savannah resident Sarah Newell, this marks the third time she has been evacuated. Before Irma, it was Matthew.

For now, Sarah has taken shelter in Owensboro while staying with a family friend. 

Sarah told 14 News the trip took her roughly 10 hours. Fighting through traffic coming up from Florida was one of her biggest obstacles. 

Now, she just has to wait and possibly prepare for the worst.

"Going back home and not having anything there, you don't have a house to go home to or you do, but everything is completely destroyed," Sara told us. "You may have insurance money, but you still have to replace all that, then the cleanup."

Irma now is expected to be a tropical storm when it passes through Southwest Georgia around 8 p.m. 

94 counties in Georgia are under a state of emergency.

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