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Ellis Park opening up stables for horses coming from FL


Now that race season's wrapped up at Ellis Park, park officials are opening their stall doors. They said they'll have around 300 open stalls coming up from Florida that need a roof over their heads. 

Many of the race horses are moving out, so horses that are sticking around, for now, could use some neighbors. 

"We have the places to put these horses and they're looking for places in Florida to come to," said Mike Hall of Ellis Park. 

These stalls are open to any horse owner or trainer from Florida. 

The horse room is free until October 18, but owners will still have to provide feed and other amenities. After the 18th, the rent is $5 a day to stay. 

So far, no horses have arrived, but park officials still expect them to come. 

"Horsemen are a big family. They; re a huge family all over the United States and they all work together. Everybody works together in this industry," Hall said. 

The park will stay open until the end of October. 

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