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EXCLUSIVE: Challenger League orders special baseballs for visually-impaired player


Evansville's Challenger League makes sure every kid who wants to play baseball, gets to play baseball, and Killian can now play using his ear. These are beeper balls.  

The closer he gets, the louder the ball gets. Right away, he's on a bee line to the ball.  

"I found it," Watson said. "It was pretty easy." 

Now his ears are also his eyes. Mom said he's been visually impaired since he was born.

"He's just like every other kid, wanting to play, run around and just pretty much do what every other kid does," she said. "He can pretty much find anything."

He found his swing. Two tries in, he hit the ball off the tee for the first time by himself. Next try, he's two for two. 

"Can I go get it?" Killian asked. 

Just like any great infielder, he goes right after it. Challenger League president Matt Pokorney ordered these beeper balls once he heard the league had its first ever visually impaired player. 

"We look for every child's ability not disability; this is a game changer for the Challenger League," Pokorney said. 

Killian will get to take that ball home, and he'll use in the Challenger League's first game of their fall season. 

It's at Highland Park at 1 p.m. on Sept 17. 

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