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Owensboro man fighting for return of wolf-dog


An Owensboro man wants his wolf-dog, Bear, back. 

It escaped from his fenced-in back yard in August and was later picked up by animal control. They are not returning the dog because the breed reportedly violates the county ordinance.

Connor Robinson and his girlfriend, plus their son, along with two dogs call Fulkerson Drive home.

It was last month when their two pets, Bear and Mia, got out of the backyard fence for the second time. Animal control picked them up, but only Mia was returned.

"She looks at me and goes, 'How much wolf hybrid is Bear?' I stated to her I do not know," said Connor.

Animal control decided to find out. They ran a DNA test and when it came back a few weeks later, the results confirm Bear is 12% wolf.

The Daviess County Animal Control ordinance lists wolves or any crossbreed of them as non-domestic animals. A 2013 amendment doesn't allow such animals on property smaller than two-acres.

Judge Executive Al Mattingly said his main concern is public safety.

"There's no certainty or guarantee that a wolf hybrid who is vaccinated against rabies that the vaccine is any good," said Mattingly.

"I was upset because of the fact that he hasn't hurt anyone," said Connor. "He hasn't done anything wrong other than getting out of our back yard."

Bear is still at the shelter. His fate is unknown.

Mattingly confirms they are not looking to put him down. There are hybrid refuge centers who could rescue him.

Mattingly also said he is working with the county attorney and animal control director to try and come to a resolution, but he does not expect the ordinance to be amended.

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