Henderson church collecting items for Harvey victims

Communities across the country are pulling together to help the victims of Harvey.
Including here in the Tri-State.

Madisonville native, Stephen Boyken, is in Houston right now.
Boyken told us he reconnected with the church he used to go to in Henderson. River of Life Church is now collecting items to send to Boyken's new church in Houston.

The Amars at River of Life Church are hoping to fill their meeting room with items to send to Hurricane Harvey victims.

"We're gonna load this up, and then send that semi to Texas," said Jeanie Amar, wife of the Pastor of the church, Shane.

The Amars teamed up with Josh Littrell to rent a semi to to send to Houston and meet their old friend Stephen Boyken.

"Water is still high. Roads are still impassable," Boyken told us over the phone Tuesday while in Houston.

Boyken is a Madisonville native who went to this church in Henderson for a decade.
He now lives in Houston where his church group is tirelessly working around the clock to help people caught up in massive flooding.

"Fortunately, the church we're at is a little bit on high ground," said Boyken. "Our main auditorium got water in it, but our gymnasium didn't. So, we're staging to do distribution. We came so close to being flooded. But, we look at that as a responsibility," he said. "Because we're dry, and others aren't. So we have a responsibility to respond. This is temporary you know. It's traumatic.So we're just pushing right now."

And back at River of Life Church in Henderson, the donations are already starting to come through.

"It's not how much you give. Give something," said Jeannie Amar.

"You have politics, you division--there's all kinds of things," said River of Life Pastor Shane Amar. "But when there's an actual need people put that stuff aside and come together and help each other."

From one friend, to another reconnecting in times of need.

"I'm proud to be from my home state of Kentucky," said Boyken. "Being in Houston, there's some values here, and to see folks respond with love and courage, wow. Yeah, it's amazing to see what's taking place."

You can drop off your items at Henderson's River of Life Church on Washington Street, starting at 8AM through the week.

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