Cleanup underway after eclipse visitors leave Madisonville

HOPKINS CO., KY (WFIE) - It took months of preparations for the town of Madisonville to pull off their eclipse viewing parties, but what happens after everyone leaves?

For Young's Septic Service, the clean-up begins.

"We definitely stayed pretty busy between running service calls and taking care of port-a-potties and campers," says co-owner Jonathan Young.

Young says he took more than 70 calls last week, 30 of them came in over eclipse weekend for port-a-potty rentals and septic clean up.

So now, the dirty work begins.

Monday morning, he rode around Madisonville as he sanitized, picked up and dropped off their rentals.

"You gotta have the stomach sometimes to do it," Young said. "You gotta have some business sense, too. But most of it is a whole lot of stomach. You'll definitely run into a whole lot of smells that'll puzzle you sometimes."

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