Madisonville family throws eclipse party for neighborhood

Madisonville family throws eclipse party for neighborhood

MADISONVILLE, KY (WFIE) - You could say the solar eclipse was one of the biggest celebrations in 2017 and, in Madisonville, a family decided to throw a party of their own.

The Terry family invited all their friends, family, and really anyone who wanted to come, to their solar eclipse party.

"It's just such a blessing to see all the neighbors that have moved away and decided to come back for this once in a lifetime event and travel," Phil Terry said. "I mean it just touches me to see these kids I haven't seen in forever."

"Finding out this is a once in a life thing that I get to tell my grandkids about is amazing," Hayden Terry said.

Kids were going down the big blow-up slide and playing games, but as totality inched closer, the water was turned off, and everyone assembled to watch the moment of darkness.

After people took in the special, less than two-minute moment, the sun shined again and the music was turned back on and the party continued.

"I've seen video after video and we planned on having such a big shindig and I said it just can't be how they describe it and it is it's just amazing," Laura Terry\ said. "Until you witness it, you cannot grasp what it's like until you see it."

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