Are your eclipse glasses safe?

TRI-STATE (WFIE) - You've been hearing a lot about eclipse glasses and with less than a week until the historic event now is a good time to take your glasses out and make sure they are safe.

If you look at the sun unprotected, you will damage your eyes. Normal sunglasses won't cut it and some glasses that say they're made to be eclipse-safe may not cut it either. The consequences could be damaging and last a life time.

"I was in a panic because every place is sold out," Kera Bridges said.

Bridges recently bought 10 pairs from a Henderson store. But, after taking a closer look, she realized those glasses did not match the industry standard.

NASA approved glasses have ISO rating 12312-2 listed, along with the official ISO graphic. The manufacturer's name is also often listed.

On the glasses bought in Henderson, there was an ISO logo, but it differs from the official logo.  These glasses have been distributed for sale across Western Kentucky.

When 14 News told the store these were sold in that the markings did not match, the store called their Owensboro distributor who decided to have their stores pull the glasses off the shelves a precaution.

"We would've used them and I would've felt completely safe using them because I purchased them at a store I felt was credible," Bridges explained.

Instead, Bridges returned them and got her money back.

"In fact, when I went and bought them she said they had 8 boxes," Bridges told 14 News.

Inside the arm of the glasses she bought, a disclaimer reads: "The seller of these glasses shall not be liable for any damages arising from the use, non-use, or misuse of the eclipse glasses." A phrase below that statement reads: Made In China.

"The whole inside of the real ones is covered in writing," Bridges added.

The glasses in Henderson were being sold for about $2. Although it's a cheap price tag, it could provide a potential costly consequence.

"And it's not something that can be fixed and that's the big problem" Bridges said.

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