North Gibson students will have to view eclipse inside

North Gibson students will have to view eclipse inside

GIBSON CO., IN (WFIE) - Students in the North Gibson School Corporation will have to watch the eclipse from inside their classrooms.

North Gibson Assistant Superintendent Dr. Eric Goggins said Toyota couldn't confirm the glasses they received are ISO certified.

Goggins says that means North Gibson students will not be allowed outside to view the eclipse Monday.

Instead, they may have the opportunity to view the NASA live stream in the classroom.

Toyota officials tell us they are providing glasses to all three Gibson County School Corporations.

They say one corporation asked for a certification letter, but it wasn't provided by the specific vendor they used.

As a precaution, they say the glasses from another vendor were ordered with a certification letter.

Toyota officials say the shipment should be in Friday and then delivered to schools.

North Gibson school officials say they won't be using the reordered glasses. They say they already told parents and students they are staying inside.

They also tell us getting the glasses on Friday won't allow them enough time to do the training that is needed.

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