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Exploration Station plans virtual reality experiences for students


Summer break didn't stop Daviess County students from boarding a bus..and loving it. The Exploration Station had another successful summer bringing lunch..and a lesson to kids in the off season.

The Exploration Station isn't your average school bus- kids that hop on have access to WIFI, educational video games, books, and this year's newest feature...virtual Reality. (Virtual reality video courtesy of DCPS). Exploration Station coordinators say the virtual reality sets this year gave kids a chance to brush up on geography before their classes start this week. They say the plan is to have the bus travel to different schools this year..and let kids use those VR sets more. Coordinators say this year was a good one. They passed out thousands of books and 4500 lunches in the first 3 weeks alone. And most importantly, they had some one on one time with the students, many of which don't speak English well. This is just another opportunity for teachers to work with them. 

Wendy Cooper: GAP Coordinator at Burns Elementary "First and foremost, it's a way for us to build relationships and connections in the community. Our students love to see us pulling in each week. As a matter of fact, they run out and greet the bus, they can't wait for us to get there. SO that's great building those relationships and parents often come out and talk to us to and ask us questions they don't always feel comfortable asking at school. " said Wendy Cooper, GAP Coordinator at Burns Elementary.

The coordinators also say the bus will travel to different schools this year and offer after school homework help. 

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