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Big turnout for solar eclipse demonstration in Henderson

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There was only room to stand at John James Audubon State Park in Henderson for a presentation previewing the total solar eclipse.

Astronomer and author Joe Caruso spoke about the significance of this phenomenon. 

"A cold wave will come over the earth when it gets dark; the birds will quit singing, crickets will start chirping, stars will come out but only for those two minutes," said Caruso.

Caruso said if you plan on viewing the eclipse from Evansville or Henderson, it won't be as intense.

"The difference between going to Hopkinsville and going 20 or so miles one direction is tenths of a second difference in the totality so it's not that big a deal," added Caruso. 

Some of the people in attendance said it's a big deal and they want to be as informed as possible. 

"All I can say is that there was a lot of information and it was kind of hard to get a hold of it, but I think I understood a little bit, but I'm hoping I'll be able to see it seeing as it's on a school day," said Ratcliffe. 

Kelsey Ratcliffe is from Illinois and said her teacher is even considering pulling them out of class to experience it. 

"I really like science personally so yeah, I'm really excited about it!" added Ratcliffe. 

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