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Ohio Co. father, son allegedly tied up by daughter and son-in law, speaks exclusively to 14 News


A man and his son were tied up and robbed, and Ohio County Sheriff's deputies say it was by his daughter and son in-law.

Ronnie Leach sat down with us exclusively today to talk about his chilling experience. He tells us his daughter and son-in-law have been in trouble with drugs in the past, but he says he never thought it would come to this.

Late Wednesday, sheriff's deputies say Ron and Emily Herrin tied up Leach and his 15-year-old son. Leach says they all lived together in their Beaver Dam home.

Leach tells us Emily took her four young kids out for dinner that night so they wouldn't be there when Ron tied he and his son up with zip ties.

"It was a planned thing," explained Leach. "They had it all planned out. They were gone supposedly getting them something to eat at McDonald's."

Leach says when they returned they took his car and cash and went to Indianapolis to buy heroin. He told us he hopes this time his daughter will get some help.

"As much, and this is bad to say because she's my daughter, but as much stuff as she's been through and the opportunities and chances that she's had, they need to be put away for a long time, and that's for their benefit," says Leach.

Deputies say they found the Herrin's unconscious in a locked bedroom with their four small children in the house. They are recovering at Owensboro Health and will then be taken to jail.

Leach says, "My safety didn't matter. My age and everything. I'd say getting my son out was the main thing."

Leach tells us he and his son are trying to get back to normal life today. He says, "The word affect doesn't really apply. It changes...the entirety."

And Leach says he's not sure what happens now.

"Trying to figure the answer to that out myself. I don't know. I don't know. It's a start," says Leach.

This comes in light of a busy week for the Ohio County Sheriff's Office as two men are back in jail after extensive searching.

On Friday, police in Tampa, Florida picked up Harry Musgrave. He's the suspect in a shooting early Tuesday morning in Ohio County. On Wednesday, Kentucky State Police found Arnold McKenney, the inmate who escaped from the Ohio County Jail. 

Then on Thursday, deputies responded to this hostage situation. Ohio County Sheriff Tracy Beatty says deputies have been working hard to settle these cases. He tells us this hostage situation ended in a drug overdose. Sheriff Beatty also tells us that that they are very fortunate not to have the same level of drug problems here that nearby cities do, but it's still a problem.

"We can't arrest everybody and throw away the key and think that we're going to solve this problem. The problem has to be solved through education and even treatment centers," says Sheriff Tracy Beatty.

Sheriff Beatty says he's exploring the possibility of his deputies carrying Narcan to help reverse the effect of heroin overdoses. 

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