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New program helping bring OPS teachers together to share ideas


The Owensboro Public School (OPS) system is bringing teachers together in a whole new way.

It's called the Teacher Drive program. Once a month, teachers come together to share ideas of what's worked in each other's schools.

This is the first year teachers could apply for this program, which is aimed at helping teachers come up with new innovative ways to help their students learn. Ms. Davis, a pre-school teacher at Estes Elementary was accepted into this new program.

She transformed a corner of her classroom into a science play land for her kiddos, and she's excited to pass that idea along to other teachers in the district. She's found that hands on science lessons work even for pre-school and kindergarten age kids.

Davis says the Drive program will allow teachers from across the district to meet and discuss different concepts because every curriculum is different. 

"Our curriculum is science based and we do lots of experiments and hands on learning," Davis explained. "That's what I wanted to share with the Drive program that even these big concepts of viscosity and properties of matter, solids, liquids and gasses.. 4 and 5-year-old's can know that. And its so fun to watch their little brains explode with fun experiments."

Davis said she's also excited about the lessons she'll bring back to the classroom and the new friends she'll make across the district. The group has already had an open forum and plan from here on out is to meet monthly.

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