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Drugs found in Hopkins Co. Jail mail for second time this week


For the second time in the same week, an attempt was made to try to smuggle drugs into the Hopkins County jail.

Neither of those envelopes made it past inspection at the jail, and officials say these envelopes were not sent by the same person. Jailer Mike Lewis says, twice this week, someone tried to sneak Suboxone in the envelopes, one letter was a sympathy letter, the other was a birthday card. 

"Being in a peel format its so easy to hide because its such a thin little strip that dissolves under the tongue. We had two years ago we quit letting inmates have the envelopes that mail was sent into em with because they were hiding them under the stamp," Lewis says. 

Lewis says in one of the cases, whoever sent the envelope cut open one layer of the card and slipped it in. But that never got to the inmate, because now every letter must be inspected by jail personnel first.

Lewis added that all mail sent to the jail comes through the post office. He says each of these envelopes were for different inmates. 

"What we're having to look for and how you're going about having to finding, detecting these things changes almost weekly," Lewis says. 

Lewis says he's considering banning birthday cards from being sent to the jail.

The jailer says the return address on that first envelope ended up being a fake, but the search isn't finished yet for whoever sent that second envelope. 

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