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Whitesville Elementary staff member going beyond job's description


When you think back to school, many students get excited about seeing their best friends or teachers again.

But at Whitesville Elementary, there is one unsung hero, the kids are crazy about this staff member, who is just as crazy about them.

Vera Lee has a very important job at Whitesville, to make those halls sparkle. But in her 13 years of scrubbing those desks down she's found her job description goes far beyond just being the custodian.

"The kids, the kids are the reason I love the job," explained Lee.

Lee says she has the best job in the whole world and she couldn't have been more excited for the kids to flood the Whitesville halls again this week. 

"I hug every morning, I kiss every morning, and it makes your day," Lee said.

Back to school is busy for Lee. Scrubbing desks, cleaning floors, and disinfecting lockers. If you happen to see her fighting those germs, she always has a smile.

"I have a lot of kids that call me grandma and I love it," Lee explained. "I'll be everybody's grandma. It's fun, it's really fun."

A peak inside one of the supply closets proves Lee lives up to that grandma title. She says there isn't another school she'd rather work for.

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