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DUI Blitz kicks off with the message "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over'


Labor Day weekend and football Fridays make this one of the deadliest times of the year for drunk driving crashes. That's why local law enforcement kicked off a blitz targeting impaired drivers.

The traffic safety partnership kicked off this DUI Blitz inside the Vanderburgh County Coroner's Office. 

Deputies said they chose this location because people in drunk driving accidents often end up there.

Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding said we are very lucky to have several police forces coming together to push for driver safety throughout the county. 

He said each year, he sees about 15 deaths on highways in Vanderburgh County alone. 

Sheriff Wedding said they haven't stopped drunk driving, but he believes their education efforts have helped people make good choices especially before they start drinking.

"One of the worst times to try to make that decision is while you're drinking. Your motor skills start to diminish. Your brain's ability to reason certainly diminishes," Wedding told us. "A lot of people make very poor decisions while they're intoxicated. The more intoxicated you are the worse decisions you're going to make."

Sheriff Wedding said you have several options for getting a safe ride home. He says to call a taxi, Uber, or sober friend, anything to keep drivers off the road after drinking.

Sheriff Wedding told us most drivers don't intend to cause an accident but that doesn't keep them out of the hospital.

Deaconess Director of Emergency Department and Medical Affairs Gina Huhnke said, "Driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol quite commonly leads to accidents. Almost 21 percent of our patients who are severely injured have drugs or alcohol in their system. Those patients often have alcohol above the level, legal limit of alcohol.

Deputies said if you see an erratic driver, call 911. 

They say try to get a vehicle description or even a license plate number if you can but most importantly keep yourself safe.

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