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Union Co. extends free breakfast & lunch to high school students


Union County students are back in the classroom, but now the high school is offering something for their students before that first bell rings.

Biscuits, sausages, and cheese were served for breakfast on the first day of school, and it's free.

"It really helps with a bunch of other kids here who can't really afford it at home," said freshman student Lillian Butler.

"Just to keep that little extra money every day," said senior Tyran Holmes. "They don't have to spend on that and that will help them I think."

Students can thank a federally funded program called CEP, which stands for community eligibility provision.

This is something the food director for Union County Public Schools has been hoping to serve up to students for the last 10 years.

"We've done this at the elementary schools for I believe 3 years now and the middle school for 2 years and so we're ready to extend it to the high schools," said Shane Bosaw, the director of food services for UCPS.

But they know it's not going to be easy when it comes to the older kids, so they have a plan.

"We have to have high participation so we're thinking outside the box," said Bosaw. "We're trying to figure out ways. We know high school students tend to get here right before the bell, especially if they drive and we want them to have a breakfast too so we're looking at the possibility of bringing breakfast into the classroom, second chance between first and second period."

They know that a good breakfast helps fuel a better education, but this program also goes a long way in making life a little easier for their families.

"If their child eats breakfast and lunch everyday in our cafeteria, it takes about a 75-dollar load off their budget each month," said Union County Schools public information officer, Malinda Beauchamp. "So we know we can pass along those savings to our families, and we have students eating healthy meals in our cafeteria so we're really excited about it."

So when students check out, they'll see that zero-balance sign on their screen.

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