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Owensboro Fire Department proposes 3 ordinance changes


A newly proposed ordinance would mean no more idling in Owensboro fire lanes, even for a moment.

The Fire Department went before City Commissioners to propose that change and others on Tuesday.

Owensboro Fire Chief Steve Mitchell proposed the three ordinance changes. One of those changes would make it illegal to park here in this fire lane, even if its just for a few minutes and you're sitting in your car.

For several years, Owensboro has had a special ordinance that allows cars to idle in fire lanes for up to three minutes as long as someone's inside. That could come to an end if these proposed changes are approved.

Chief Mitchell says this would make parking in fire lanes easier for police to patrol.

"This is impossible to enforce and if you go to any of the Krogers or IGA or anything like that what has happened is they've gotten so used to doing it now the car sits there they go in and do a weeks worth of shopping and come back out and the car's still sitting there," says Chief Mitchell.

Chief Mitchel proposed two other changes.

One to make signs identifying facilities with hazardous materials consistent. The other to make sprinkler inspections more efficient for the Fire Department.

Chief Mitchell tells us the next stage in this process is to present these ordinance changes at a City Commissioner meeting next Tuesday. From there they will be put to a vote at the following meeting.

At Tuesday's work session, Chief Mitchell also updated commissioners on the private contract for ambulances. He said the current contract will expire in June of next year, but they're already working to find the safest bidder for the next one.

Chief Mitchell presented a timeline for finalizing the next contract. He tells us that any calls that come in to the 911 call center are referred to the contracted ambulance provider.

"The RFP process will actually be advertised. We expect three or four responses on this. Then over the winter we're hoping to be able to actually pick the most responsible bidder and start negotiations with them," says Chief Mitchell.

The next phase is to send the contract to the city manager and the judge executive by the end of this month. The proposed timeline would ensure a new contract would be ready by March 2018.

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