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United Steelworkers Local 104 notifying former Alcoa employees about job re-openings


When Alcoa announced plans to restart three potlines at its aluminum smelter, local union officials immediately began trying to get jobs back for those who were laid off last year.

United Steelworkers Local 104 officials say on Friday they notified former employees, that they could get their job back, if they wanted.

In March of 2016, Alcoa laid off hundreds of employees because their smelter went idle due to a dramatic drop in the price of aluminum. Union Steelworkers say since the announcement of the partial reopening a few weeks ago, they have mailed letters to those who didn't quit or take the buyout in 2016.

So far, they have had a few responses, but officials say people have until August 15th to reply. After the 15th, they will sort through the letters, see what they have to work with, contact Alcoa and take it from there.

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