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MASTERING THE LUNCHBOX: Helpful tips on how to pack a healthy, affordable lunch for your child


Parents, we have all been there, trying to find creative ways to fill that lunch box, while making sure the kids get those proper nutrients.

But that can be challenging on a budget.

It's easy to fall for the trap of thinking junk food is your only cheap and filling option, but the art of mastering the lunch box all goes back to a lesson you may remember from health class, following the food pyramid. 

Rodney Sills knows this all too well, being a father and co-manager at Walmart. He showed different tasty ways to keep your kids happy and healthy.

Let's say the budget is not an issue. For $4 you can get pre-made sandwiches, yogurt stick, combine the veggies and you have a food pyramid quality lunch for $7 bucks.

But let's say you've got to go cheaper, how does $5 sound? Add a 20 cent cheese stick and some snap peas, which you can get three servings out of for $2.24. You've got your fiber, you've got your protein.

But let's go even cheaper, is it possible to still stay healthy?

Sills mentioned cutting up vitamin rich avocados that could last a few servings, and at $1.50 that's great for the budget. And don't forget about your other fruits.

And don't ever be afraid to go back to the basics. You can't go wrong with the classic PB&J.

Sills says whichever options you choose, it comes down to having a variety and basing that off of the food pyramid.

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