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Tricky school zones to look out for this school year


There's a stretch of road in Evansville that police will likely keep a close eye on as kids head back to school this week.

In less than three miles along First Avenue, the school speed limit zones stretching from Ivy Tech to Central and Highland Elementary change from 30 miles per hour to 40, back down to 30, up to 40 again, then slowing down to 20 MPH outside of Highland Elementary.

If you're not paying attention, it's easy to be surprised. Especially after coming off summer break.

Jack Corn has lived across from Central High School for decades. Regardless of the signs and flashing lights, he says people don't slow down here.

"It's kinda been that way for a long time," Corn said." And people don't pay attention to the speed limit anyway along that stretch usually. They run the red light. I don't know what you'd do about it other than park a policeman out there all the time to write tickets."

Evansville police released a warning this week, saying they'll be patrolling these school zones and reminding parents and students to slow down.

"Be careful, watch yourself, Because you can be hit any time along that stretch I think," Corn said.

Officers will also be watching spots around the schools where students who walk to and from class increases. 

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