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First day of school for Webster Co.


Webster County students were back in the classroom Tuesday day and officials say they have a lot to be excited about. 

Students walked into to Webster County High School for a day all about "pride".

They had one-on-one meetings with teachers to check in on how they're doing during what's called "pride periods".

The big thing Webster County principal Aaron Harrell said they're pumped about is their new program, TECH2Kids, which provides a Google Chromebooks to each student and each teacher.

"We're in an age now where technology is a necessity. We want to provide kids with the best educational experiences that we can and through the use of chrome books, we'll be able to provide that for all our students," said Harrell. "We're going to use a blended model so we won't be using entirely just technology, it does not replace teachers."

Harrell said he's heard positive feedback from students. Google chrome books were introduced to school a few years ago, but this is the first time every student and faculty member will have one.

Also, new this year, they added dual credit courses, more art classes, and a new agriculture program. 

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