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Opening of new Spottsville Elementary could be delayed after PPMI closure


The Henderson County school board may have to push back the completion date of its new Spottsville elementary school.

Now that PPMI construction announced it is closing, the school board has to find a new contractor to finish the project. Part of the vetting process for a replacement for PPMI hinges whether the new contractor can finish the project on time.

Another stipulation would be, that the school board not be held responsible for any additional fees if the project is delayed. School board members said they're worried that PPMI's closing will push the project back.

It was supposed to be completed next spring.

Board members say they had no idea PPMI was folding, until they got a notice that the company was defaulting on its agreement.

"I don't know that there would be something that we as a district or anyone for that matter could have identified going into this project there were no red flags that we were made aware of," Elizabeth Bird, Henderson County Board Attorney, explained.

We are told there will be more safeguards in the next agreement. The school board's attorney also said, she expects the bond company to pick up any additional expenses.

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