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Latest Mahr Park designs moving forward after unanimous vote


Madisonville is moving forward with it's newest Mahr Park designs.

The planning committee unveiled designs for the new dog park, playground and pavilion, on Monday. With the unanimous vote, the city can now entertain bids from contracting firms interested in building these designs.

But, we are told, they would have to adhere to the designs that the architects set. The city building official says these designs have been in the works for around nine months.

And they're part of phase-two of the entire Mahr Park project.  It would take up about 7-10 acres, in the more than 200 acre park.

"Ultimately we have containment areas we don't want the park to elude this natural beauty of what mother nature has put here but by the same token we have to put some amenities to the park that will bring visitors in," Madisonville Mayor Greg Brasher explained.

No exact figure from the city on how much this will cost, once a contractor has been selected, the city will have to meet here again for council to approve that contractor, the city administrator says he hopes this portion of the park gets completed by the fall. 

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