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Daviess Co. school offers tips for dealing with first day of class anxiety


Stock up on those tissues, that first day of preschool or kindergarten could mean a lot of tears for both kids and the parents.

So how can you make sure your little one is ready to go? It is not easy, but school officials in Daviess County have a few tips to make kids a little more comfortable when the first day comes.

Meadow Lands Assistant Principal Marjie Pippin says start getting those kids on a good sleep schedule. If they come into class well rested, that may diminish some anxiety.

She also suggests doing morning preps the night before so the morning isn't chaotic, but if its a separation issue. Pippin says she suggests parents follow the two week rule.

"So remember to allow yourself, your child that time to get acclimated, get in the routine, prior to you going in there and having lunch with them," Pippin explained. "But sometimes allow them that independent so they can figure things out on their own."

Pippin says that if those first day anxieties keep up, you can always talk to your school's officials.

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