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Renovations complete for Foust Elementary after joining 'Trauma-Informed Care' program


Students at Foust Elementary in Owensboro will return to school on Wednesday to a few calming changes in the building.

The school is participating in a Trauma-Informed Care pilot program to support students and families, who have gone through traumatic experiences. Staff are trained on how to recognize a child in distress and how to then help them.

Renovations are complete on a Mindful Moment room, two Trauma-Informed Care pilot classrooms, and the Social Worker's office to offer calming physical spaces for students.

"They can learn to cope and regulate themselves within the context of the classroom, and so their learning can continue," Foust Principal Janie Moseley explained. "Their positive formation of relationships with teachers and peers can continue."

Principal Moseley tells us Foust is the only school in the corporation at this time to initiate these pilot Trauma-Informed Care rooms. She says the goal is to eventually have a designated space in each classroom.

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