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Last school year for the old Spottsville Elementary


It's a big "back to school" week in the Tri-state.

Most schools will be back in session over the next several days.

In Henderson County, construction on a long-awaited new elementary school is underway.

This will be the last school year for Spottsville Elementary to be in its old home.

When students arrive on the first day of school this Wednesday, they'll look right next door and see all the progress that has been made this summer, to the new home for Spottsville Elementary. 

"We're just very excited to see the walls coming up from the ground and just the progress," said Shasta Norman, an instructional coach at Spottsville Elementary. "The things this building is going to allow our students to be able to do that they can't do, that are limited in the current building."

As someone who has walked the halls of Spottsville Elementary as a teacher and parent, Shasta Norman said it's bittersweet but she's ready for what the new school has to offer.

"Just technology, just movement, we'll be able to have more students, just we're going to have a very nice gym that will be able to host lots of events for this area in our gym. We're going to have an amazing media center and we're just excited about it all."

Students and parents at Spottsville will see pictures and information about the new school in the hallways this year.

Getting everyone pumped for the new building.

"I know we have teachers that'll let their students look out the window and see what's happening, said Henderson county schools PIO Megan Mortis. "All the construction so we want them to be engaged in the construction process."

As of now, the exterior walls of the gym and main hallways are up, and everything is on track for the move to the new building in August 2018.

"We are just so grateful for our community and our parents for investing in excellence and we want them to be excited and thrilled about their new school," said Mortis. 

The black tarp for the new school bus route in already set up, but because of the construction, there will be a change in traffic patterns around the Spottsville Elementary on the first day.

Buses will use the exit on the east end of the school, so, parents dropping off students will need to use the exit on the west end.

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