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Mayor Winnecke updating name, mission of 'No Meth Task Force'


Mayor Lloyd Winnecke is updating the "No Meth Task Force."

He's announcing a new name, website, and focus of the program. We're told the new website will help with treatment and recovery for those here in the community.

“When I launched the No Meth Task Force in 2012, our city was besieged by a series of meth lab seizures and explosions that devastated families and put neighbors at risk. Since then, seizures have decreased dramatically but there has been an evolution in drug use to other substances,” Mayor Winnecke said. “The refocused Substance Abuse Task Force will work with community partners to address new trends in drug use and provide information for people who struggle with various forms of substance abuse, including alcohol and opioids.” 

The Mayor's Office Substance Abuse Task Force will also be announcing public forums later this fall, for those struggling with substance abuse.

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