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Fire breaks out at Evansville Aramark facility


Evansville firefighters said a fire started around 10 a.m. Sunday morning in the alleyway of the Aramark facility at the corner of Fulton Avenue and Dresden Street. Investigators said carts full of rugs and rags were on fire, and they're trying to figure out how that happened.

Firefighters said the crates were close together which in some cases can be a fire hazard. 

"That will create heat when you have like grease and like organic material, it can create heat. It's a possibility for a chemical reaction spontaneous combustion situation," said EFD Fire Investigator Kim Garrett. 

Investigators said they haven't nailed that down as the cause. No one was inside the building when the sprinkler systems first went off, and the rugs weren't completely extinguished right away. 

"The rugs had a lot of rubber backing on them so we had a lot of black thick smoke from that; a lot of it was smoldering because it was all piled up in bins. With it being buried down in here, soon as it comes out here starts getting some air that can make it flare up again," said EFD District Chief Mike Dickinson. 

District Chief Dickinson said there's a lot of smoke and water damage inside, but he isn't sure yet if it's safe enough to re-enter the building. 

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