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Vigil held in honor of Amber Herron

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Dozens of people gathered at a vigil outside Ozanam Family Shelter to remember the life of Amber Herron. 

"She was an angel she was a people person, loved everybody, believed in everybody, she loved to hug, she was a great person," said Herron's cousin, Samantha.

Police say Amber was killed in the driveway of her home Tuesday sitting in a car with her husband, Charles Herron.

"Nobody seen it coming, they knew they had issues, she tried to get away and go back but yeah they're forgiving him, the family is trying to forgive him and work through God to help them forgive through the hurt and the anger and the pain," added Samantha.

Ozanam Shelter Director, Danette Romines, said Amber touched way more people than just family members. Herron was a direct care staff member at the shelter where she interacted daily with the family's trying to get on their feet.

"Amber's impact here was huge," said Romines. "She would listen to people, people would come in and tell her stories you know they'd cry on her shoulder, she was always there to give them a hug and offer advice."

Samantha explained she hopes this can be a wake up call to anyone in an abusive relationship.

"Maybe now it can change other people's lives and other people that's in abusive relationships, on drugs, whatever the case may be. Maybe they'll see this and think I want to change, I want to change it, I want to, you know I want to stop," said Samantha.

Amber's funeral will be at 10 a.m. Monday morning at Boone funeral home.

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