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School security project nearing completion at Mt. Vernon High School


Just days before the start of a new school year, crews are wrapping up a major renovation project at Mount Vernon High School.

The outside of the school still looks the same, but inside the main front doors is completely different. The project is expected to add an element of safety and security.

Work began as soon as the previous school year came to a close.

"Basically they had free access to the building; they could go left and right and no one know, so we wanted to stop that," Director of building and grounds David Frye said.

The renovations have been on-going for the past couple of months.

"All summer, this has been going on all summer."

Everyone will now walk in the school through the main entrance. Inside, an additional set of doors were added, separating the rest of the school.
In between the two sets of doors is a secure office.

"They are thick doors, they are double-ping glass, but there are some special material were going to be adding to those strengthen those up," Frye added.

Visitors, who come to the school, will need to identify themselves and say why they're there.

"It's to slow it down. I don't think you can ever prevent something like that, but the things we have in place give us a better chance," Frye explained.

Construction crews continue to race against the clock. More than 600 students attend this high school. They'll return to the classroom on Thursday.

"We've had a pretty good response from staff members who came in a looked at it; we'll know more next week when kids come back."

Other work around the district is on going, but school officials say this has been the biggest project of the summer.

"It's a $200,000 project, so it's pretty good sized for us," Frye told 14 News.

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