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Public pushes back against sale of Hopkins Co. Sports Park land


For almost a decade, people who drive along the Pennyrile Parkway have been wondering if the county will deliver on the promise of a sign that says "Future site of Regional Sports Complex."

But earlier this week, the county decided instead to put the land up for auction. Then at a special fiscal court meeting, the people pushed back.

"If this land is sold none of that money would be reimbursed to the county to the city, to the athletic people or any of the people who had a hand in that," says Family Court Judge Susan McClure.

McClure says she has to drive all the way to Evansville and Owensboro just to find a sports park.

"It means that the people here go elsewhere, it means that the people elsewhere go elsewhere," she said.

The County had planned to sell the 85 acres for 800,000 dollars, which was less than the more than a million dollars it had already spent on the project. That money would all go back towards coal severance.

The main reason for the delays were countless road blocks since the first designs for the park came out in 2007.

Judge executive Donnie Carroll says that a new committee is in the works. It will help find other ways to pay for the sports park.

"We listened to the people and the people say they want the sports complex to be there. So they're saying that they will help raise the funds, so we're going to wait and let the people see what they can do," Carroll said. 

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