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North Gibson School Buses add stop arm cameras

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North Gibson County bus driver, Brian Douglas said on average, three people a week ignore the stop arm on his bus.

Plus, with his route being along Highway 64, they zoom past him at 55 mph.

"One of these days a kid is going to get ran over or something and that's why we want to be able to identify who's doing this," said Phil Perry.

Transportation Manager, Denny Hadley, said, they used to have to rely on the description of witnesses to catch the violators, which meant most time they got away with it. Now, that is going to change. 

"With the new camera system we're able to identify the license number, also get a real good description of the car and a picture of the driver a lot of the times so I think it will be good as far as taking it to the authorities," explained Hadley.

But it doesn't end with stop-arm cameras. They have installed brand new interior cameras with microphones too.

"It used to be you had one camera shining from the front to the back and if you had people from the middle of the bus back the seats kind of blocked your view but now we're able to see what's going on from different angles and with the microphone in there we can hear things and that's what we're after is to try to stop bullying," explained Hadley. 

A camera will also be facing the bus drivers, to make sure they aren't driving distracted.

Phil Perry, of Phil's Electronics, is installing the system on eight buses and since each system costs $3,500, it'll take time to do all of them. 

"We've got equipment in to do two more buses and then the plan is to do every bus that's on a main corridor here in the future," added Perry.

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