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Back to school: Cell phone policy for classrooms vary by school, county


A tool to learn, or just a distraction?

Teachers around the Tri-State are ready to welcome kids back into the classrooms, but their cell phone policies are all a bit different.

Phones in the classroom can be a distraction. But they can also be helpful and school officials tell us, they realize the pros and cons.

So what's the best policy? Well, that depends on the school.

"I think it would be almost impossible to say "'no cell phones,'" explained Warrick County Schools Superintendent Brad Schneider.

"The reality is that many of our students, even our younger students, some of our upper elementary students are now carrying cellphones," said Jason Woebkenberg, Public Information Officer for the EVSC.

Every school district we reached out, said cell phones are allowed in schools, but the rules do vary.

For example, EVSC has a district-wide policy. High school students are allowed to have their phone on them except during classroom activities. For middle school and elementary, cell phones must stay in their backpack and in their locker.

But for Warrick County and Owensboro public schools it varies by each school and each teacher.

"We give a lot authority to our classroom teacher to monitor those situations so students know not to have them out during instructional times," explained Schneider. "Its not been a big problem for us."

"Some of our classes, kids use their cellphones as calculators, some of our classes we have things set up with the smart-board, where they can answer questions on their cell phone and that gets sent directly to the smart board so it just kind of depends class by class. teacher by teacher," Dave Kirk, with Owensboro public schools, said.

That seems to be the norm, to wait for the teacher's instructions on if and when to use your phone in class.

But the bottom line is, students can bring their phones to school. It just depends on when they can be used.

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