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Birkhead enters 27th year as Ellis Park bugle player


On the track, there's a countless number of things that go into making the horse races at Ellis park, run as smooth as silk. From the starters, to the outriders, and even that all-important, call to the post.

That job belongs to bugle player, Bret Birkhead.

Birkhead has been playing the call to the post, for 27 years, at Ellis. He says it all started, back in 1990, with a phone call and a tryout. Since then, he's been here ever since.

"They invited me over here and they had me stand over at the winner's circle and play the bugle call, the call to the post, facing one direction and then the other, and then the lady asked me, 'Can u play a song or two for us,' and I said ya and she asked for a couple songs and I played them and when I got done, she said 'I think we found what we're looking for," explained Birkhead.

Birkhead will be back on the horn at Ellis, this Friday about 12:40 p.m., 10 minutes before the first race.

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