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Columbia Sportswear opening employee store in Henderson


Columbia Sportswear is opening a new location in Henderson just a few miles south of the Twin Bridges. But this store will be different that the typical Columbia retail store.

This Columbia Sportswear store is called an employee store. That means it will only be open to Columbia Sportswear employees, their family, and friends.

I'm told Columbia Sportswear will also be inviting other companies in the area to come in and shop these discounted prices. Those with an invite will have a specific window of time to use their shopping invitation.

Now Henderson County already has a Columbia Sportswear Distribution Center. We are told that's why this location was chosen for an employee store.

"Columbia [Sportswear] has been a really good corporate citizen in Henderson," explained Henderson Mayor Steve Austin. "They're a good employer, and the employees that work there really like that business."

We are told this is one of five employee stores in the United States. The others are located near Columbia Sportswear's headquarters and distribution centers.

The Henderson store is set to open in early August and is expected bring around 25 jobs.

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