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Fire protection, water storage to be increased with construction of new water tower


A second water tower is in the works in Ireland.

When complete, the water tower will stand over 130 feet and it will hold 300,000 gallons more than the one they already have. The over $2 million project actually means a lot more than more water storage for community members.

Ireland Water Utility Board president Andy Hulsman, says the Indiana Department of Environmental Management urged them to add this tower. Hulsman says they needed to have two days worth of water storage in case of an emergency.

But, he says this doesn't just mean more water storage. It also helps increase fire protection.

"If you have a small tank and you have a fire it really draws down your water supply out of the smaller tank which we do have one smaller tank now," Hulsman explained.

Plus, Hulsman says once the water tower is up, locals should notice an increase in their water pressure.

"There's been some areas that people wanted to put sprinklers and we couldn't do it because we did not have the volume of water that we needed," said Hulsman.

Hulsman said in addition to the water tower, they will also be running bigger water lines to areas they expect to develop in the future on the east and west of Ireland. We're told the water tower should be finished late September.

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