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Husband's body recovered from Warrick Co. lake 2-hrs after bystanders pull wife ashore

(Source: Indiana DNR) (Source: Indiana DNR)

The body of an Evansville husband was recovered from the water of a Warrick County Lake early Sunday by Indiana Conservation Officers.

According to officials, Jeremy Bunker, 41, of Evansville, was swimming with his wife in Yellow Banks Lake after sunset. At 10:23 p.m., bystanders saw and heard the wife yelling for help as she tried to stay above water.

DNR officials say the two became disoriented and tried to swim to shore. That's when bystanders jumped in and rescued Bunker's wife, but he went missing. 

The owner of the Yellow Banks Recreation center said Jeremy and his wife were out on the water during after hours and went past the swimming boundary.

Chris Stephens said he couldn't stand by and watch.

"It didn't seem like a serious yell for help at first," Stephens told 14 News. "The guy was struggling to swim, and it seemed like he went underwater."

He said he and his wife each got into a kayak and went looking for him even though he says there wasn't much light out on the water.

"If I were in the same position, I would hope that someone would come out and look for me," Stephens continued. "If we could have seen him, we could have saved him, but being that it was dark, there wasn't much we could do."

Stephens said he searched for close to an hour before search teams arrived.

After two more hours of combing the water, dive teams recovered Jeremy's body.

The owner told us swimmers enter the water at their own risk.

DNR officials said alcohol might have played a factor in Bunker's disappearance

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