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2 Owensboro families react to newly remodeled homes provided by foundation


Two Owensboro families we introduced to you Friday spent the night away in a hotel, while their homes got the finishing touches of a remodel. They're the newest families benefiting from the Alma Randolph Hands up to Succeed Program. 

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"I feel so fortunate that if I should pass away today, and hopefully go to glory, that I would be able to look back and say that, that I knew what my mission was in life, and that I gave it all that I had," Alma Randolph told us.

Dozens of volunteers through Alma's program provided new furniture, floors, appliances, and landscaping.

The first reveal was for Karri Cox, a hardworking single mother of a child with health issues. Before the remodel, her home was in need of drastic repairs as her floor was sinking through.

"Wow! What do you think Connor," Cox asked her eight-year-old son after walking through the front door.

Thanks to the countless volunteers and sponsors through the program, Connor now has a brand new bed to sleep in with a playroom he's always wanted.

"Thank you so much for everything," Cox thanked the crowd in her newly remodeled kitchen.

Several miles away, another family got the surprise of their lifetime.
Husband and wife Kenny and Raven Hagan were blown away by the transformation.

"It doesn't even look like the same house, oh my goodness," Raven cried after she walked through the front door.

The Hagan's two children couldn't contain their excitement either.

"Mommy! Look at your room," their daughter yelled.

"It's so beautiful. It's way more than what we expected. We're so grateful," Raven told us.

To qualify for the Hands Up to Succeed Program, a family must have children, and the parents have to be employed for at least three years or be disabled and unable to make ends meet.

You can find out more about Alma's foundation or donate on her Facebook page.

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