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Grant funds all day preschool option in Daviess Co.


All day preschool is coming to the Tri-State. 

Preschool is already offered at 12 locations in the Daviess County School Corporation. Now, a new grant will let the district expand preschool from half days to full days.

It's happening at Deer Park and Southern Oaks Elementary schools. Each school is set to receive $75,000 in grant money from the Kentucky Department of Education.

Deer Park children will spend half of the day at the school and the other half at one of three partnering agencies for what the director called "enrichment programming."

We're told Southern Oaks made the list because of the scarce options for all day child care in the area. The 40 children who attend will be fed breakfast and lunch. 

Daviess County Public Schools Preschool Coordinator Chris Westerfield said, "My preschool kids will end up going into the wrap around program, and those kids in the wrap the round program will migrate over into our preschool program for preschool instruction. Think of the wrap around program as enrichment activities."

The grant also pays for transportation when parents request it. It also allows for a translator, because some of the families speak Burmese or Spanish.

"It gives them an option for their kids. Many times we have parents in the Southern Oaks area that will say, 'Well, because of my working schedule, I can't really send my kid,'" Westerfield says.

If you would like to apply for the program, Westerfield says there is an application on the Daviess County Public Schools website.

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