Indiana man's sweet 'proposal' to fiance's sister goes viral

Spencer Co. best friend proposal goes viral
Bret and Brandie Photography
Bret and Brandie Photography
Bret and Brandie Photography
Bret and Brandie Photography
Bret and Brandie Photography
Bret and Brandie Photography

SPENCER CO., IN (WFIE) - A wedding proposal we first told you about last year, has gone viral all over the world.

Will surprised them both during a family photography session. Before popping the question to Ashley, Will first "proposed" to Hannah and asked her to be his best friend.

"She started crying and then I started crying," said Ashley. "I didn't even cry when he proposed to me. He got down on one knee and asked Hannah to be his 'Best Friend Forever.'"

About 6 years ago, Ashley met Will Seaton. She says one of the first things she told him about was Hannah.

"I have a sister with special needs and I would like you to accept her and love her just as you love me."

He didn't just accept her, he embraced her with everything he has.

Since then, the three have become inseparable. Going out to eat, watching movies at the drive-in, and teaching Hannah how to fish.

Ashley says her grandmother had given Will a ring to pass down to Hannah.

Ashley's ring belonged to Will's great-grandmother.

The moment was all caught on camera by Bret and Brandie Photography.

Even though it happened in March of last year, the story has recently gained interest across the globe.

Ashley says about a month ago, she commented on someone else's proposal story. She says people from the website "How He Asked" saw that comment and got in contact with her.

"They posted it right away, and then after that story went on that website and on their accounts and everything, I started getting thousands of phone calls," said Ashley. "Australia called me in the middle of the night, and they're like 'We'd love to do a story.' I'm like, It's the middle of the night."

The big day is in October at Corner House Bed and Breakfast in Rockport.

Ashley says Will and Hannah plan to read each other their best friend vows.

Ashley says Hannah is more than just a bridesmaid for this wedding. She's been named her "best sister."

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