14 News Exclusive: Mother of Aleah Beckerle breaks silence

14 News Exclusive: Mother of Aleah Beckerle breaks silence

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Family, friends, and people who helped search for Aleah Beckerle gathered on Saturday to honor and remember the teen who went missing almost one year ago at the Brick Memorial on Diego Drive.

"They really earned a spot; they were there from day one," Cara Beckerle told 14 News. "They were there to find Aleah and they never gave up."

Whether Cara Beckerle knows them or not, each person who helped find Aleah Beckerle got a brick on the memorial with a name or a note about how they'll remember Aleah.

It also takes her back to what she said were the longest 12 months of her life.

"It's just the worst thing you could ever go through. Your child is missing and you don't know where she's at," she continued. "For almost a year, a child with special needs that depends on me to take care of her and I did all her life for 19 years, and she was taken from me."

From July of 2016 to this past March, Cara said she had no tips and no leads on Aleah's whereabouts until that day authorities found her body in an abandoned home on South Bedford Avenue.

"I just couldn't believe it; I just cried and screamed and cried asking why, why and there she was I was like I can't believe it, I can't believe she just left," Beckerle said.

She says a day hasn't gone by where she hasn't thought about Aleah and moving forward is an even bigger struggle.

"I don't feel I'll ever have closure really, but I have peace she was found and we know where she is now," she said. 

The man who helped build that memorial, Tim Turpin, said he's still adding more bricks.

He said he wants anyone who has lost a child to use it. The long-term plan is to turn this into an annual event.

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