Aleah Beckerle story inspires new search team

Aleah Beckerle story inspires new search team

The next time someone like Aleah Beckerle disappears, a volunteer group plans to be ready to launch a search at a moment's notice.

Members of her search team say, some of the very people who spent months looking for Aleah are now creating a new search team.

Mary Roberts spent countless weekends driving up early from Owensboro to lend a hand to search efforts. Months and months of combing the Tri-State, had a lasting impact on her because she has a special needs child of her own.

"To envision that this could have been her, there is no decision, this is the right thing to do," explained Mary Roberts. "When something is this serious and this real, it helps the searchers, they peel off that superficial stuff, and do things for no other reason than just because of love."

The group is still in the development phase, but it will include people who learned a lot working alongside Texas Equusearch. Now they'll get more training from local EMA officials.

"We have the arms and legs and voices the abilities to get out there," explained Roberts. "Some People they can't get out in the woods and walk and you know chop down their poison ivy and all that but there's so much you can do."

Roberts says she will help out local search teams closer to home. Evansville's new search group does not have a name yet, but will likely be volunteer-based assisting larger search groups in the Tri-State.

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