Continuing coverage on the deadly house explosion

Continuing coverage on the deadly house explosion

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Two days later, and we still don't know what caused the explosion that leveled an Evansville house and killed two people and critically injured three others.

We learned investigators have finished their search of what's left of the house on Hercules Avenue and are moving the investigation elsewhere.

An EPD Lieutenant on scene said they can't give us any information on what investigators found on Thursday.

They will be continuing the investigation off site. Bulldozers came in Thursday morning and removed debris out of the way.

Fire investigators, narcotics detectives, and ATF explosive experts were all on the scene. We spotted investigators wearing protective masks just in case they run into any chemicals.

Authorities could not tell us where the explosion happened in the home.

We won't know details until the investigation is complete.

We checked on how the three injured people are doing.

Michael Kneer is still in critical condition at University of Louisville burn center.

Tara McKnight is in critical condition in Indianapolis.

Family members tell us the child is in a coma.

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