House explosion leaves lasting impact on first responders

House explosion leaves lasting impact on first responders

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - It's been one day since the house explosion on Hercules Avenue in Evansville killed two people and injured three others.

More than 30 firefighters and other first responders were on the scene.

The runs are never easy, but as we found out from fire officials, some are harder than others.

An event like what happened on Hercules Avenue is not a situation first responders see very often, but when it does, they've already trained using similar scenarios so they're prepared to respond.

They saw a very active situation; first responders were working to contain the blaze, tend to the burn victims, and make sure they had enough EMTs on the way for help.

EFD Operations Chief Ron Campbell said each situation is different, and you never really know what you will face with each call.

"First step is when companies arrive, they basically look at the scene; like the other day they said we have a house that's totally blown apart," Campbell said. "There is a chain of events that happen when we get on scene and there is a working fire."

Fire officials said it took crews about 30 minutes to contain the blaze, but the impact on them lasts much longer than that.

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