Taking a Stand: Drums on the Ohio

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Wednesday, June 28, 2017, is the 35th show of Drums on the Ohio.

Although the shows and the costumes have changed the mission has remained the same to support Education in the arts.

The young men and women that will be performing are some of the best musicians and dancers from all over the world.

While learning; leadership, teamwork, discipline and the dedication it takes to achieve their goals, they are pursuing their dreams. These learned life skills are instilled and will carry through their adult lives and careers.

Choosing to perform is a passion for each corps member. Each one has earned their spot on the field through auditions and many rehearsals, and the funds have been raised to travel with their respective corps all summer across the United States and here in your hometown.

It seems that we hone in on the negativity associated with our youth.  Let's take that stand to focus on the positive and support the fine arts.

Our future lawyers, nurses, educators and so much more will be performing for YOU.  Invest in their future for THEY are OUR future.

Help dreams come through the experience of a lifetime.

It's LIVE! It's LOUD!  It's YOUR Drums on the Ohio.

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