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Otwell Miller Academy behind on construction


"When we found out that they were opening a school here in Otwell we couldn't have been more ecstatic," said Jenny Byrd.  

Byrd is thrilled to get to enroll her kids into Otwell Miller Academy, even though construction is behind schedule.

School President Mike Houtsch said while the outside will be done, he's not sure if the school's interior will be finished in time for classes to begin on August 9.

"I don't know if it will be completely done, but you know, some of the interior stuff might not be done yet but we'll have it hopefully usable by then," said Houtsch.

Houtsch explained the charter school didn't get its loan as soon as planned; there was trouble with a plumber and general construction problems. 

He said parents of more than 100 kids have shown interest in enrolling for preschool and K-5 classes, but only 35 of them have actually signed up.

"We are hoping and believe that as soon as the building goes up you know and people actually start seeing something happening then they'll go ahead and get enrolled," added Houtsch.

Houtsch said the only position filled so far is the school's director because the board is waiting for final enrollment numbers to figure out how many teachers and staff will be needed.

He explained if construction gets pushed back anymore, they might have to consider starting classes a few weeks later than the intended start date.

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